Eric Adeleye Photography: Blog en-us (C) Eric Adeleye Photography (Eric Adeleye Photography) Fri, 04 Aug 2017 04:00:00 GMT Fri, 04 Aug 2017 04:00:00 GMT Eric Adeleye Photography: Blog 120 80 Review: Photographer's Creativity Pack by Glyn Dewis I received an email from Glyn Dewis about his latest product, the Photographer's Creativity Pack.  I've always enjoyed the instruction and training that Glyn Dewis has given shared with the photography community. 


I purchased the Photographer's Creativity Pack for £7.50.  The pack includes a collection of videos, textures, PDF transcriptions of the instructions from the videos, and test file to work along with the videos.  With the aid of viewing Dewis' video about adding texture to the background, I was able make the seemless paper background more interesting by adding a texture to it.

This is how the photograph I was editing looked without the texture.

Before_Texture_20170527_Yazz_NikonD810_DSC_4928Nikon D810Nikon D810, Nikon 85mm f/1.4G lens, f/14, 1/200 sec, ISO: 100

This is how the photograph looked after adding the texture to the background.  

After_Texture_20170527_Yazz_NikonD810_DSC_4928Nikon D810Nikon D810, Nikon 85mm f/1.4G lens, f/14, 1/200 sec, ISO: 100

Dewis' video on how to add texture to the background was very clear and concise.  I do recommend this creativity pack because of Dewis' consistent method in explaining instructions on how to use Adobe Photoshop in a very understandable manner.  Dewis' breaks down each editing step in clear explanations of why he is making particular edits in Photoshop.  I like how Dewis shows you a technique to achieve something in Photoshop, he explains why he is using the technique which helps the viewer in comprehending what is being said.  Understand why something is being done allows you to adapt what you have learned into your retouching workflow, and make the new instructions compliment whatever signature techniques you currently employ.


As a photographer it is important to invest in tools and educational material to learn new things and sharpen your knowledge about the craft of photography and retouching.  There may be individuals who believe in solely relying on free outlets like YouTube.  At some point an individual will reach a plateau by relying only on free training material.  Self development is essential as an photographer.  Investing in tutorials such as the Photographer's Creativity Pack, books, attending workshops, buy digital video training is what will help you achieve your potential as a photographer an artist.

The Photographer's Creativity Pack can be purchased at this link

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What Is a True Photographer? This is my opinion about a "true photographer".  There are varying types of photographers who are just every day people who snap photos with their cell phones, photographers who are just hobbyist, photographers who are serious enthusiast, and photographers who are part time and full time professionals that are aspiring to create art and be compensated monetarily for their services they provide to their clients.  Attaining the title of photographer is not something that is related to money in my opinion.  There are plenty of photographers on Instagram and other social media platforms that are producing work that is a good or better than photographers who are working with paying clients.  To be called a photographer means that you have an advanced understanding of the fundamentals of creating a properly exposed photograph.   A photographer should be able to consistently produce properly exposed images within various lighting situations within a studio or outdoor environment regardless of the time of day.  Possessing an intimate understanding of one's camera and equipment is vital. I utilized the word 'intimate' on purpose to describe depth of understanding a photographer should possess about their gear, because just knowing the name and model of your camera does not mean you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your camera and equipment.  A photographer should be familiar with all of the features of the equipment they employ in their chosen genres of photography that they do.  If a photographer is doing a photo shoot with a client, they should not have to ask the client how to setup their camera or configure their gear in order to take a properly exposed photograph.  In my opinion a photographer that is receiving money for their services should have at least 1 primary camera body, and one backup camera body.  I'll make a special note that wedding photographers should definitely have two camera bodies without question. For years I would turn down doing weddings because I did own a 2nd camera body.  I will acknowledge that the merits of having two camera bodies can be debated. True story, I have had one photographer call me in the middle of their photo shoot to ask me if they could borrow my camera because their camera broke during the session.  What do you do if you are working with a client and your camera breaks or malfunctions in the middle of the photo session?  I disagree with the opinion that there is not such thing as a bad photograph, I think there is a lot of bad photography out in the world and on social media.  I often use mainstream periodicals like Time, Newsweek, Vogue, V Magazine, GQ, Men's Journal, Playboy, and Sports Illustrated, to measure the content I produce.  A photographer must have an in-depth comprehensions of exposure, composition, lighting, and retouching among other things. Understanding of rules like the exposure triangle, rule of thirds, light setups, and gear are required.  If you cannot understand a conversation with a photographer who is discussing their light ratios in f-stops, and explains why they chose to use a specific shutter speed, aperture value, and ISO number, then I would seriously struggle with calling you a photographer.  A photographer knows why he/she wants to shoot at an aperture of f/1.8 or f/8 and understands the differences each of those aperture values will produce in regards to how they impact the depth of field within an image, the amount of light that falls on the subject, and how to adjust the factors within the exposure triangle to make sure that the photograph is properly exposed at either aperture value. 


This is a brief view of my opinion about what I consider to be a photographer.  A photographer is not defined by their clients.  A photographer is measured by views, feedback, and respect of their contemporary peers.  When photographers are critiquing and giving your critical feedback about your work, you are on the right path.  I'm not saying that you need another photographer to tell you that you are a photographer.  I'm saying that the critical opinion of senior photographers, who have been in the craft longer than you does hold weight in the evaluation of your work.  Every photographer should have a mentor or mentors who are well versed in the art of photography that they can go to critiques, feedback, and assistance in regards to photography.  I have mentors and a undisclosed circle of professional photographers and artist that I speak with regularly about photography.  Much of what I said may be beyond the scope of a novice, hobbyist, or enthusiast photographer, but does apply to someone who is a professional photographer.  In the eyes of the court, if you are accepting a payment for photography services you are rendering, then you are consider a professional whether you actual are a professional or not a professional.  There have been plenty of photographers who have been sued in court because they claimed to be a professional but was unable to produce quality photography for their clients. It lots of time, and years for some people to get to the point in the craft of photography where they consider themselves to be a professional photographer.  The level of practice required to master photography is vast, it requires time, practice, failure, patience, perseverance. Henri Cartier-Bresson said "Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst."  This quote by Bresson underscores the importance of practice in my opinion. In Malcolm Gladwell's book Outliers, he writes "the idea that excellence at performing a complex task requires a critical minimum level of practice surfaces again and again in studies of expertise. In fact, researchers have settled on what they believe is the magic number for true expertise: ten thousand hours.  'The emerging picture from such studies is that ten thousand hours of practice is required to achieve the level of mastery associated with being a world-class expert - in anything, writes the neurologists Daniel Levitin."  As a photographer I am constantly practicing the craft 8 days a week.  If I'm not shooting with a client, I'm reading about a photography subject or article in a photography magazine, or retouching photography work, or watching training videos.  I had one self proclaimed photographer tell me that they don't like to read camera manuals. I laughed to myself and told the person the camera manual is the first thing you should read.  The camera manual is your very first lesson in photography.  You have to know how to operate your camera if you want to effectively employ the tool to capture adequately exposed photographs.  Can you claim to be a photographer and not read your camera manual?  There are no shortcuts to being a photographer, everyone who is worth their weight in photography puts their time in learn, grown, and develop the ability to consistently produce good photography work. There are many other things that go into being a photographer.  Most of what I said can be applied to the various degrees of photographer, but definitely are applicable to the professional photographer today.


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Working with @dearlauralea Using Natural Light I put the Sony A7II through the paces with @dearlauralea   in Raleigh, North Carolina during a photography meet-up photo shoot.  The Sony A7II handled everything well.  The more I shoot with the Sony A7II, the more I develop a connection with the camera system.

Photo_01@dearlauraleaSony A7II with the Zeiss Loxia 2/50 lens. Shot using natural light.

Photo_04@dearlauraleaSony A7II with the Zeiss Loxia 2/50 lens. Shot using natural light.


Photo_02@dearlauraleaSony A7II with the Zeiss Loxia 2/50 lens. Shot using natural light. Photo_03@dearlauraleaSony A7II with the Zeiss Loxia 2/50 lens. Shot using natural light.

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Sunrise Photo Session with Kayla I got to work with Kayla during a photographer meetup at Kure Beach, North Carolina.  For this session, I used the following gear:


Sony A7II
Sony 85mm f/1.4 G Master Lens
Flashpoint R2 Transmitter
Godox AD-R6 7" Standard Bowens Mount Reflector
Neewer S-Type Bracket Holder with Bowens Mount for Speedlight
Sekonic L-358 Flash Meter


WEB_20170325_Kayla_Dorsey_SonyA7II_85mmGM_DSC06158WEB_20170325_Kayla_Dorsey_SonyA7II_85mmGM_DSC06158Photograph taken by Eric H. Adeleye of Eric Adeleye Photography. © Eric Adeleye Photography. All Rights Reserved. WEB_20170325_Kayla_Dorsey_SonyA7II_85mmGM_DSC06161WEB_20170325_Kayla_Dorsey_SonyA7II_85mmGM_DSC06161Photograph taken by Eric H. Adeleye of Eric Adeleye Photography. © Eric Adeleye Photography. All Rights Reserved. WEB_20170325_Kayla_Dorsey_SonyA7II_85mmGM_DSC06163WEB_20170325_Kayla_Dorsey_SonyA7II_85mmGM_DSC06163Photograph taken by Eric H. Adeleye of Eric Adeleye Photography. © Eric Adeleye Photography. All Rights Reserved.

WEB_20170325_Kayla_Dorsey_SonyA7II_85mmGM_DSC06159WEB_20170325_Kayla_Dorsey_SonyA7II_85mmGM_DSC06159Photograph taken by Eric H. Adeleye of Eric Adeleye Photography. © Eric Adeleye Photography. All Rights Reserved.

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Testing the iPhone Blackie App After speaking with Photographer Michael Young (Instagram @mgyoungphotography), he suggested I check out the Blackie app.  The Blackie app is a cell phone application that allows you to take photographs in black & white with various presets that are within the app.  To see more of my photography work, visit my Instagrams @ericadeleye and @eha1990.

WEB_20170519_BlackieApp_iPhone6Plus_IMG_9385WEB_20170519_BlackieApp_iPhone6Plus_IMG_9385Processed with Blackie WEB_20170519_BlackieApp_iPhone6Plus_IMG_9386WEB_20170519_BlackieApp_iPhone6Plus_IMG_9386Processed with Blackie WEB_20170519_BlackieApp_iPhone6Plus_IMG_9387WEB_20170519_BlackieApp_iPhone6Plus_IMG_9387Processed with Blackie WEB_20170519_BlackieApp_iPhone6Plus_IMG_9390WEB_20170519_BlackieApp_iPhone6Plus_IMG_9390Processed with Blackie WEB_20170519_BlackieApp_iPhone6Plus_IMG_9394WEB_20170519_BlackieApp_iPhone6Plus_IMG_9394Processed with Blackie WEB_20170519_BlackieApp_iPhone6Plus_IMG_9395WEB_20170519_BlackieApp_iPhone6Plus_IMG_9395Processed with Blackie WEB_20170519_BlackieApp_iPhone6Plus_IMG_9399WEB_20170519_BlackieApp_iPhone6Plus_IMG_9399Processed with Blackie WEB_20170519_BlackieApp_iPhone6Plus_IMG_9401WEB_20170519_BlackieApp_iPhone6Plus_IMG_9401Processed with Blackie WEB_20170519_BlackieApp_iPhone6Plus_IMG_9403WEB_20170519_BlackieApp_iPhone6Plus_IMG_9403Processed with Blackie WEB_20170519_BlackieApp_iPhone6Plus_IMG_9404WEB_20170519_BlackieApp_iPhone6Plus_IMG_9404Processed with Blackie WEB_20170519_BlackieApp_iPhone6Plus_IMG_9407WEB_20170519_BlackieApp_iPhone6Plus_IMG_9407Processed with Blackie WEB_20170519_BlackieApp_iPhone6Plus_IMG_9414WEB_20170519_BlackieApp_iPhone6Plus_IMG_9414Processed with Blackie WEB_20170519_BlackieApp_iPhone6Plus_IMG_9418WEB_20170519_BlackieApp_iPhone6Plus_IMG_9418Processed with Blackie

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Jet Beauty of the Week - Tierra Morrisey Congratulations to Tierra Morrisey being selected as the Jet Beauty of the Week for November 9, 2016.  Photograph by Eric Adeleye Photography.

Nikon D810
Nikon 24-85 mm f/3.5-4.5G ED VR lens
Focal Length: 85 mm
Aperture: f/13
Shutter Speed: 1/200 second
White Balance: Auto
ISO: 100

WEB_20160722_Tierra_Jet_Beauty_NikonD810_EHA_7142WEB_20160722_Tierra_Jet_Beauty_NikonD810_EHA_7142Eric Adeleye


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Initial Thoughts About the Sony A99II 2016-09-21_1108112016-09-21_110811Sony A99II - Photo source from Sony A99II brochure

** Photo source is from the Sony A99II Brochure on Sony's website **


Photokina 2016 is underway.  It's always an exciting time for photography especially when new products are announced.  Sony announced the upcoming release of the new Sony A99II DSLR at Photokina 2016.  The Sony A99II looks like an outstanding DSLR camera that uses the A-mount Sony lens system.  You can visit the Sony website for more information about the camera.  


The announcement of the Sony A99II is unexpected in my opinion because it has been 4 years since the release of the first A99 camera.  Since that time.  Sony has released the renown Sony A7 series of mirrorless cameras.  I can only assume that the Sony A99II is being released to appease Sony photographers who still use the A-mount lens system.  I don't know anyone who uses Sony A-mount lenses.  I have no doubts about the abilities and features of the Sony A99II camera.  The A-mount platform is on it's death bed in my opinion.  Anyone who buys into this camera platform or remains using it will regret it in the long run.  The Sony A7 series of cameras is the future of Sony photography.  The mirrorless camera sector is growing much faster than the DSLR sector.   Many photographers have left Canon and Nikon to move to mirrorless camera systems for a number or reasons.  The Sony A7 series of cameras are pretty amazing but still have room for improvement.  The major problem with the Sony A99II is that it still uses the A-mount lens.  I currently use the Sony A7II and the Nikon D810.  One of my major problems is maintaining a lens collection for two different camera systems.  Anyone who uses the Sony A7 series of cameras would have to invest in a total new lens system if they decided to use or switch to the Sony A99II platform.  As great as the Sony A99II is, the camera won't force people to switch to the system or adopt it as a back up to their existing mirrorless or Canon/Nikon DSLR body because of the difference in the lens mount.  Who wants to have to buy duplicate lenses for different camera systems?  I know I don't because it is a very huge expense.  If the Sony A99II was announced with a full frame E-mount, the photography world would have lost its mind.  I still believe that Sony is working on a Sony A7 series camera with a FE-mount in a DSLR body.  


I hope in 2017 we see the announcement of the new Sony FE-mount mirrorless camera with a DSLR like body design.  For now, we'll have to rejoice over the new features in the A99II that will surely make their way into the Mark 3 version of the Sony A7 series cameras (or whatever they may be called in the future).  This is a great time to be a Sony photographer.  The Sony A99II is a glimpse into some of the awesome new technology that will find its way into future FE-mount cameras I hope.


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Zoe-Mari - Palm Island 2015 Zoe-Mari at the Flash-Pros Palm Island 2015 Photo Shootout. 

WEB_ONLY_20151003_Zoe-Mari_NikonD810_DSC_1741WEB_ONLY_20151003_Zoe-Mari_NikonD810_DSC_1741Photograph taken by Eric H. Adeleye of Eric Adeleye Photography. © Eric Adeleye Photography. All Rights Reserved. WEB_ONLY_20151003_Zoe-Mari_NikonD810_DSC_1364WEB_ONLY_20151003_Zoe-Mari_NikonD810_DSC_1364Photograph taken by Eric H. Adeleye of Eric Adeleye Photography. © Eric Adeleye Photography. All Rights Reserved. WEB_ONLY_20151003_Zoe-Mari_NikonD810_DSC_1525WEB_ONLY_20151003_Zoe-Mari_NikonD810_DSC_1525Photograph taken by Eric H. Adeleye of Eric Adeleye Photography. © Eric Adeleye Photography. All Rights Reserved. WEB_ONLY_20151002_Zoe-Mari_NikonD810_DSC_1095WEB_ONLY_20151002_Zoe-Mari_NikonD810_DSC_1095Photograph taken by Eric H. Adeleye of Eric Adeleye Photography. © Eric Adeleye Photography. All Rights Reserved. WEB_20151002_Zoe-Mari_SonyA7II_20151002_Zoe-Mari_SonyA7II_DSC03714WEB_20151002_Zoe-Mari_SonyA7II_20151002_Zoe-Mari_SonyA7II_DSC03714 WEB_ONLY_20151003_Zoe-Mari_NikonD810_DSC_1454WEB_ONLY_20151003_Zoe-Mari_NikonD810_DSC_1454Photograph taken by Eric H. Adeleye of Eric Adeleye Photography. © Eric Adeleye Photography. All Rights Reserved. WEB_ONLY_20151002_Zoe-Mari_NikonD810_DSC_1001WEB_ONLY_20151002_Zoe-Mari_NikonD810_DSC_1001Photograph taken by Eric H. Adeleye of Eric Adeleye Photography. © Eric Adeleye Photography. All Rights Reserved. WEB_ONLY_20151002_Zoe-Mari_NikonD810_DSC_1057_bravoWEB_ONLY_20151002_Zoe-Mari_NikonD810_DSC_1057_bravoPhotograph taken by Eric H. Adeleye of Eric Adeleye Photography. © Eric Adeleye Photography. All Rights Reserved. WEB_ONLY_20151002_Zoe-Mari_NikonD810_DSC_1010WEB_ONLY_20151002_Zoe-Mari_NikonD810_DSC_1010Photograph taken by Eric H. Adeleye of Eric Adeleye Photography. © Eric Adeleye Photography. All Rights Reserved. WEB_ONLY_20151003_Zoe-Mari_NikonD810_DSC_1419WEB_ONLY_20151003_Zoe-Mari_NikonD810_DSC_1419Photograph taken by Eric H. Adeleye of Eric Adeleye Photography. © Eric Adeleye Photography. All Rights Reserved. WEB_ONLY_20151003_Zoe-Mari_NikonD810_DSC_1505WEB_ONLY_20151003_Zoe-Mari_NikonD810_DSC_1505Photograph taken by Eric H. Adeleye of Eric Adeleye Photography. © Eric Adeleye Photography. All Rights Reserved.

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How to Sharpen an Image in Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 In this tutorial I will be discussing two of the methods I prefer to use when sharpening my images in Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.  The first method I'll discuss using is one that employs manipulating the channels of an image.  The second method I'll discuss using employs changing the blend mode.


Sharpen Method Using the Channels

1. Always edit your photograph in a non-destructive manner.  Duplicate the "Background" layer by pressing Ctrl+J (Windows) or Command+J (Mac).  The reason you duplicate the original layer is because you want to work in a non-destructive way.  This technique allows you to be able to undo any changes you make by simply deleting the layer you have been working on.
2. In the Menu Bar browse to Image > Mode > Lab Color and select Lab Color.


3. After you change the image to Lab Color, you will receive a notification pop-up.  Select "Don't Flatten".


4. Change to the "Channels" tab and select the "Lightness" layer.


5. In the Menu Bar browse to Filter > Sharpen > Unsharpen Mask and select "Unsharpen Mask".


6. You can adjust this setting to the desired effect that you want.  I normally use the following values:

Amount: 88%
Radius: 4.0 Pixels
Threshold: 7 levels

Press OK once you have set your values using the sliders.


7. Click on the "visibility" icon next to the "Lab" layer so that all of the layers in the Channels tab are now visible.


8. Now you want to change the Image mode back to "RGB Color".  In the Menu Bar browse to Image > Mode > RGB Color and select RGB Color.


9. After you change the image to "RGB Color", you will receive a notification pop-up.  Select "Don't Flatten".


10. Go back to the "Layers" tab.

09_2016-07-10_170037 Sharpened Layer09_2016-07-10_170037 Sharpened Layer

11. Change the name of the to layer that sharpened to "Sharpen" so you will be able to identify it.
12. Now you can toggle the visibility of the layers to compare the new "Sharpen" layer to the previous original layer before you applied the sharpen method.  Notice how the image is now sharper and looks more in focus.
13. This is the full view of the image after sharpening.

10_2016-07-10_170038 Sharpened Layer Full View10_2016-07-10_170038 Sharpened Layer Full View

14. This is how the original imaged looked before sharpening.  This view is zoomed in.

11_2016-07-10_170417 Original Layer11_2016-07-10_170417 Original Layer

15. This is the full view of the original image.  You can see the slight difference how the sharpened image looks crisper and more in focused.  This method doesn't introduce noise into the image.

12_2016-07-10_170418 Original Layer Full View12_2016-07-10_170418 Original Layer Full View


Sharpen Method Using the Blend Mode

1. Always edit your photograph in a non-destructive manner.  Duplicate the "Background" layer.  The reason you duplicate the original layer is because you want to work in a non-destructive way.  This technique allows you to be able to undo any changes you make by simply deleting the layer you have been working on.
2. Change the Blend Mode from "Normal" to "Overlay".


3. In the Menu Bar browse to Filter > Other > High Pass and select "High Pass".


4. Set the Radius to a value at 4 and then click on OK.  I choose 4 because I find this value to sharpen the photograph without causing too much noise or degradation to the quality of the image.  You do not want to make the image to appear over sharpened.


5. Take notice of how the preview image within the layer you have been working on has now turned grey.


6. This is a view of the image after sharpening, zoomed in at 100%.


7. This is a view of the image after sharpening, fit to screen.


8. This is a view of the image before sharpening has been applied.



Once I have done sharpening the image.  I will create a Stamp Visible Layer command to merge the visible layers into a new layer.  To do this press Shift+Ctrl+Alt+E (Windows) or Shift+Command+Option+E (Mac).  The benefit of creating a Stamped Layer is that you don't have to flatten the layers which will cause you to loose the previous edits that you have made.  Remember, you always want to work in a non-destructive manner within Photoshop.  Preserving the layers allows you to go back to a previous state in your editing process if you decide later that you don't like something or want to change something.


Before and After Comparison of the Channels Method

Zoomed in at 122.14% in Adobe Photoshop CC 2015

20_Before After - Channels Method20_Before After - Channels Method


Before and After Comparison of the Blend Mode Method

Zoomed in at 122.14% in Adobe Photoshop CC 2015

21_Before After - Blend Mode21_Before After - Blend Mode


There are probably other applications, methods, or Photoshop actions that could be employed to accomplish the task of sharpening a photograph.  Remember there are numerous ways to accomplish the same thing within Photoshop.  Choose whatever method you prefer that fits within your post processing workflow.


My blog is at  To view my photography work follow me on Instagram @eha1990 and @ericadeleye.  On Facebook follow me at



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HDR Photography in Philadelphia During my photo walk with Photographer Troy Hood (IG: @tehimages) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we came across a scaffolding setup at a construction site.  I immediately knew that I wanted to take an HDR photograph of the scaffolding.  

WEB_20160506_Philadelphia_SonyRX100M4_DSC03384WEB_20160506_Philadelphia_SonyRX100M4_DSC03384Photograph taken by Eric H. Adeleye of Eric Adeleye Photography. © Eric Adeleye Photography. All Rights Reserved.

This is a HDR photograph comprised of 5 bracketed photographs taken with the Nikon D810.  The Nikon D810 was on a Manfrotto 055 XPROB tripod.  The Nikon MC-30A Remote Trigger Release was used to trigger the camera shutter.  I placed Nikon D810 in Bracket Mode for 5 frames at 1 EV.  I change the Release Mode to CH for Continuous high speed.  I choose CH Release Mode because it allows me to take a burst of 5 photographs at one time as long as I hold down the shutter release button on the trigger.  My D810 Auto Bracketing is set to AE & Flash to vary both exposure and flash level.  Auto Bracketing (Mode M) is set to Flash/speed which varies the shutter speed and exposure value compensation for each frame.  

WEB_20160506_Philadelphia_HDR_NikonD810_EHA_6477WEB_20160506_Philadelphia_HDR_NikonD810_EHA_6477Photograph taken by Eric H. Adeleye of Eric Adeleye Photography. © Eric Adeleye Photography. All Rights Reserved.

This is a photograph of my camera setup before taking the 5 bracketed shots.

WEB_20160506_Philadelphia_BTS_HDR_NikonD810_EHA_6477WEB_20160506_Philadelphia_BTS_HDR_NikonD810_EHA_6477Photograph taken by Eric H. Adeleye of Eric Adeleye Photography. © Eric Adeleye Photography. All Rights Reserved.

The EXIF for the 5 images that I shot is the following.  These settings were constant for each photograph:  Nikon D810, Nikkor 50 mm f/1.8D lens, Focal Length: 50 mm, Aperture: f/4.5, White Balance: Auto, Metering: Matrix, Time: 11:07 PM EST, and ISO: 200.


Image #1: Shutter Speed: 1/30 second
Image #2: Shutter Speed: 1/125 second, Exposure Value: -2
Image #3: Shutter Speed: 1/60 second, Exposure Value: -1
Image #4: Shutter Speed: 1/15 second, Exposure Value: +1
Image #5: Shutter Speed: 1/8 second, Exposure Value: +2


I used Photomatix 5 to merge the 5 images together and then save the final image as a TIFF file.  Next I took the TIFF into Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 and did the final edits using Adobe Camera Raw and Nik Software's Color Efex Pro 2.


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Creative Exercises Sometimes I'll like to challenge myself to some creative exercises to help me stay sharp in regards to thinking creatively.  I'm primarily a portrait and landscape photographer, but I do like photographing other genres of photography.  It's important as a photographer to maintain an open mind when it comes to artistic work.  Along with reading, I study the works of other photographers, painters, and artist that draw.  Inspiration for photo shoot or fine art concept can be found in anything from a painted wall to a butterfly.  Creativity won't fall out of the sky on your, you have to be looking for it.  I explored the boundaries of my creative thinking a few years ago when I did a Project 365.  A Project 365 is a personal project where the photographer has to take a new photograph of something every day for 365 days.  During my Project 365 I had to come up with ideas for a photograph concept because some days I did not have a client to photograph.


One challenge that I like to do, is to attempt to photograph something I wouldn't consider art in a creative manner to produce an artistic photograph.  The goal of this challenge is to force me to think out of the box, to re-evalute things, places, and ideas that I wouldn't consider to be artistic.   This is an exercise that I'll do whenever the urge hits me.  There are times to further challenge myself I'll attempt this exercise with just my cell phone to see what I can create.  I'm always pleased when I produce a photograph, but that's not the goal of doing this.  Going through the process of consistently thinking in a creative fashion is my ultimate objective.  


The below photograph is one that I took while riding in an elevator with Photography Jaleel King in Philadelphpia, Pennsylvania at his studio.  The title for this image is "Going Down," taken with the Sony RX-100 IV camera.


WEB_20160503_Elevator_SonyRX100M4_DSC01265WEB_20160503_Elevator_SonyRX100M4_DSC01265This photograph was taken by Eric H. Adeleye of Eric Adeleye Photography. © Eric H. Adeleye. All Rights Reserved. The other two photographs below were taken with my iPhone.



Challenge yourself in whatever you do in life. Constantly look for the beauty and art in every situation you find yourself in.  You don't always have to produce a final image to benefit from the process of practising creative thinking. 

]]> (Eric Adeleye Photography) Creative Exercises Sun, 05 Jun 2016 07:40:21 GMT
Photographer Spotlight: Steve Graham I first met Photographer Steve Graham through my work with Hearts Apart several years ago.  Since that time, we've become good friends.  I can always rely on Steve to give me a straight up critique of a photograph when I ask him for one.  It's good to have friends and good to have friends you can share photography ideas with in confidence.  It's always good to have a few people you can bounce an idea off from time to time to get objective feedback.  Steve isn't afraid to tell it like it is, nothing is sugar coated when we have our discussions about photography.




In April, Steve was in Wilmington, North Carolina for work so I had to take the opportunity to meet up with him once again in person.  We ate dinner at Kickback Jack's and talked about photography and creative ideas about our individual photography work.  I had an outstanding time catching up with Steve and talking about all things photography.  Steve allowed me to capture a few shots of him with my Sony RX-100 IV camera.  


To check out Steve Graham's photograph work.  Visit the following sites to check out some Steve Graham's strong photography work.

Instagram: @stevegrahamphotography





]]> (Eric Adeleye Photography) Sony RX-100 IV Steve Graham Sun, 22 May 2016 02:41:30 GMT
Visiting Ace Photo Camera Store During my visit to Virginia, I had the opportunity to visit Ace Photo <>, 44710 Cape Ct, Ashburn, Virginia 20147.  Ace Photo is an outstanding camera store.  I could have spent hours there looking at all the gear and talking with the employees about photography.


DSC00916DSC00916 DSC00917DSC00917 DSC00918DSC00918 DSC00919DSC00919 DSC00920DSC00920 DSC00921DSC00921 DSC00922DSC00922 DSC00923DSC00923 DSC00924DSC00924 DSC00925DSC00925 DSC00926DSC00926 DSC00927DSC00927 DSC00928DSC00928 DSC00929DSC00929 DSC00930DSC00930 DSC00931DSC00931 DSC00932DSC00932 DSC00933DSC00933 DSC00934DSC00934 DSC00935DSC00935 DSC00936DSC00936

]]> (Eric Adeleye Photography) Ace Photo Sony RX-100M4 Thu, 19 May 2016 02:14:05 GMT
City of Brotherly Love Thanks for the Brotherly Love and the $51 Parking Ticket Philadelphia.  It was good to be home in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to visit and do lots of street photography.  In all of my years, this was the first parking ticket I received in Philadelphia. 



]]> (Eric Adeleye Photography) Street Photography Fri, 13 May 2016 16:25:58 GMT
The Art of Observation I haven't been to the Philadelphia Museum of Art since I was a kid. I could have spent days in there, there is such beautiful art and history there. I only got through a small portion of the museum on this trip, but I'll be back.


Study other art forms helps a lot with my photography work. You have to study the path that other great artist have taken before you so that you can have an idea of where to walk. Yes, every artist should blaze their own way in life and create their own artistic voice, but study art history gives you a foundation and appreciation for the craft of art itself. The history of art helps you respect the craft and not take it lightly, art is something to be cherished and not abused.


Thanks Jaleel King for showing me the setting to silence the shutter on my Sony RX-100 IV camera. Doing street photography requires a degree of stealthiness and some social skills with interacting with strangers. Most times if I approach a stranger for a photograph I'll say hello. Saying hello diffuses strangers. Most people are afraid of me because I'm a dark skinned African American male and I'm 6' 2" tall. I'm always surprised at what people think of me just based off of my physical appearance without knowing anything about me. I enjoy photographing people and sharing their stories through pictures.


This piece at the museum really caught my eye, I was impressed by it. One of my goals was to try to capture photographs of people observing art. This gentleman never knew I was behind him thanks to my silent Sony RX-100 IV camera. With my stature it is challenging to not be noticed by others, but I try my best which is part of the fun of photographing people.   Photograph taken with the Sony RX-100M4 camera.



]]> (Eric Adeleye Photography) Art Museum Philadelphia Philly Sony RX-100M4 Wed, 11 May 2016 17:27:23 GMT
Photoshop Tip: Identifying Spots This is a quick Photoshop tip. When I'm editing landscape photographs, I add an Inverted Adjustment layer to help in identifying spots that may be in the photograph that need to be corrected. This trick helps me see spots that may be in the photograph due to my sensor being dirty.



]]> (Eric Adeleye Photography) Photoshop Post Processing Retouching Tips Sun, 20 Mar 2016 19:34:15 GMT
Headshots with Peter Hurley I'm at the Canon booth at Imaging USA watching Peter Hurley go through his class on head shots with a professional female model.  Once Mr. Hurley finishes working with the model, he states that he needs a member of the opposite sex from the audience.  The audience around the Canon booth was 5 rows deep with photographers.  As soon as Mr. Hurley said he needed a male from the audience, my hand went up, and I started waiving my arm.  To my surprise, none of the guys in the audience were volunteering.   I shouted out "you have to use me" and Mr. Hurley finally told me to come on up, and the rest is history.  It was an incredibly humbling and insightful experience to be a part of one of Peter Hurley's classes.  Canon was gracious enough to allow me to get copies of all the photographs that Mr. Hurley took of me.  Thank you Mr. Hurley and Canon for the opportunity to be apart of seminar at Imaging USA 2016.

You can't win on the sidelines if you don't get in the game. This quote is something I've always believed in. I didn't know what to expect getting up in front of Mr. Hurley and the legions of photographers who were at Imaging USA.  I knew that whatever was going to happen that I wanted to be part of it. When an opportunity presents itself, you have to be ready to pounce on it with everything you have.   Don't let fear hold you back from action and participation, you will end up working to build the dreams of others instead of building your own.  Who will build your dreams if you don't lay the first bricks for the foundation? You never know what doors may open just because you decided to raise your hand and say use me.

The above photograph was taken by Peter Hurley at Imaging USA in Atlanta, Georgia.  © Peter Hurley.  Mr. Hurley used the Canon 5DS-R with the Canon EF 100 mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM lens, Exposure Mode: Manual, Focal Length: 100 mm, White Balance: Manual, Aperture: f/4, Shutter Speed: 1/80 second, and ISO: 200. Subject lit using the Westcott Peter Hurley 4-Light Flex Kit.  Mr. Hurley used the Canon 5DS-R with the Feisol Elite Tripod CT-3472LV. ‪#‎ImagingUSA‬ ‪#‎ImagingUSA2016‬ ‪#‎Canon5DSR‬


Below is a behind the scenes photograph of Peter Hurley taking a headshot of me.


WEB_20160111_Imaging_USA_SonyRX100M4_DSC00185WEB_20160111_Imaging_USA_SonyRX100M4_DSC00185This photograph was taken by Eric H. Adeleye of Eric Adeleye Photography. © Eric H. Adeleye. All Rights Reserved.




Thank you to Peter Hurley and Canon for the informative class and an opportunity of a lifetime to be a part of the magic of Imaging USA.  I truly appreciated the experience.  To find out more about Peter Hurley's work visit his website at



]]> (Eric Adeleye Photography) Imaging USA Imaging USA 2016 Peter Hurley Fri, 12 Feb 2016 20:10:51 GMT
Aquisha Gross Beach Photo Shoot I had an epic time working with Aquisha Gross recently on a beach photo shoot at Freeman Park in Carolina Beach, North Carolina.  Aquisha is a talented model to work with.  To see more of Aquisha's modeling work or book her for a photo shoot, visit her various pages at:


Model Mayhem:

© Eric Adeleye Photography.  All Rights Reserved.  Retouch work done by Quality Retouching and Ola Ovsienko.

WEB_ONLY_20150801_Ola_Ovsienko_Retouch_Aquisha_Gross_NikonD810_DSC_8740_alpha_WTMRKWEB_ONLY_20150801_Ola_Ovsienko_Retouch_Aquisha_Gross_NikonD810_DSC_8740_alpha_WTMRKPhotograph taken by Eric H. Adeleye of Eric Adeleye Photography. © Eric Adeleye Photography. All Rights Reserved.

WEB_ONLY_20150801_Aquisha_Gross_NikonD810_DSC_8753_alpha_WTMRKWEB_ONLY_20150801_Aquisha_Gross_NikonD810_DSC_8753_alpha_WTMRKPhotograph taken by Eric H. Adeleye of Eric Adeleye Photography. © Eric Adeleye Photography. All Rights Reserved. WEB_ONLY_20150801_Aquisha_Gross_SonyA7II_DSC02486_alpha_WTMRKWEB_ONLY_20150801_Aquisha_Gross_SonyA7II_DSC02486_alpha_WTMRKPhotograph taken by Eric H. Adeleye of Eric Adeleye Photography. © Eric Adeleye Photography. All Rights Reserved. WEB_ONLY_20150801_Aquisha_Gross_SonyA7II_DSC02532_alpha_WTMRKWEB_ONLY_20150801_Aquisha_Gross_SonyA7II_DSC02532_alpha_WTMRKPhotograph taken by Eric H. Adeleye of Eric Adeleye Photography. © Eric Adeleye Photography. All Rights Reserved. WEB_ONLY_20150801_Aquisha_Gross_SonyA7II_DSC02564_WTMRKWEB_ONLY_20150801_Aquisha_Gross_SonyA7II_DSC02564_WTMRKPhotograph taken by Eric H. Adeleye of Eric Adeleye Photography. © Eric Adeleye Photography. All Rights Reserved. WEB_ONLY_20150801_Ola_Ovsienko_Retouch_Aquisha_Gross_NikonD810_DSC_8756_alpha_WTMRKWEB_ONLY_20150801_Ola_Ovsienko_Retouch_Aquisha_Gross_NikonD810_DSC_8756_alpha_WTMRKPhotograph taken by Eric H. Adeleye of Eric Adeleye Photography. © Eric Adeleye Photography. All Rights Reserved. WEB_ONLY_20150801_Argiris_Maipas_Retouch_Aquisha_Gross_SonyA7II_DSC02537_alpha_WTMRKWEB_ONLY_20150801_Argiris_Maipas_Retouch_Aquisha_Gross_SonyA7II_DSC02537_alpha_WTMRKPhotograph taken by Eric H. Adeleye of Eric Adeleye Photography. © Eric Adeleye Photography. All Rights Reserved. WEB_ONLY_20150801_Aquisha_Gross_SonyA7II_DSC02509_delta_WTMRKWEB_ONLY_20150801_Aquisha_Gross_SonyA7II_DSC02509_delta_WTMRKPhotograph taken by Eric H. Adeleye of Eric Adeleye Photography. © Eric Adeleye Photography. All Rights Reserved. WEB_ONLY_20150801_Ola_Ovsienko_Retouch_Aquisha_Gross_NikonD810_DSC_8733_alpha_WTMRKWEB_ONLY_20150801_Ola_Ovsienko_Retouch_Aquisha_Gross_NikonD810_DSC_8733_alpha_WTMRKPhotograph taken by Eric H. Adeleye of Eric Adeleye Photography. © Eric Adeleye Photography. All Rights Reserved. WEB_ONLY_20150801_Ola_Ovsienko_Retouch_Aquisha_Gross_NikonD810_DSC_8855_alpha_WTMRKWEB_ONLY_20150801_Ola_Ovsienko_Retouch_Aquisha_Gross_NikonD810_DSC_8855_alpha_WTMRKPhotograph taken by Eric H. Adeleye of Eric Adeleye Photography. © Eric Adeleye Photography. All Rights Reserved. WEB_ONLY_20150801_Ola_Ovsienko_Retouch_Aquisha_Gross_SonyA7II_DSC02473_alpha_WTMRKWEB_ONLY_20150801_Ola_Ovsienko_Retouch_Aquisha_Gross_SonyA7II_DSC02473_alpha_WTMRKPhotograph taken by Eric H. Adeleye of Eric Adeleye Photography. © Eric Adeleye Photography. All Rights Reserved.

]]> (Eric Adeleye Photography) Aquisha Gross Nikon D810 Sony A7II Thu, 31 Dec 2015 06:00:00 GMT
You Never Know Who You Will Meet I am walking through the lobby of my hotel and notice a pile of camera gear, monopod, and Pelican case on a couch, but I didn't see anyone near the stuff.  As I walked by I thought to myself, "yeah that stuff belongs to a photographer".  You know photographers recognize other photographers.  Later I am walking to my truck, and bam!  There is this guy walking through the parking lot lugging the gear I saw in the lobby earlier.  I approach the gentleman and introduce myself.  I told him I saw his gear in the lobby and we instantly start talking.  The guy starts to tell me about the video assignment he is in Atlanta working on and asks me about what I am doing.  I proceed to explain to the gentleman that I was in town to shoot some photography while on my way to Flash Pros Palm Island Workshop in Cape Haze, Florida.  I showed the gentle some of my photographs from Palm Island that I have on my iPhone 6 Plus.  The gentleman is a onto graphed and videographer based out of Los Angeles, California.  As we concluded our discussion about photography and work, I asked the gentleman to take a photograph with me.  The gentleman agreed to take the photograph.  Before I left I hit the guy with my business card and told him to keep in touch, he said he would email me later. And the rest is history...  You never know who you will meet on the road.  My professional network continues to grow.  I plan to bring every photographer and artist along for this journey.  Hit me up! Photography is a way of life.



]]> (Eric Adeleye Photography) Strangers Sun, 01 Nov 2015 02:43:33 GMT
Guest Photographer Spotlight: Ra Hall Guest Blog Post by Photographer Ra Hall.  All photographs were taken by Ra Hall.  © Ra Hall.  All Rights Reserved.

Web Site:


Instagram: @rahsoul


I inherited the need for freezing moments and creating poetry through photography. In addition to the artistic creativity expressed by my mother, father and so many others in my family, I credit my grandfather for passing down the passion of freezing time through visual moments.


ArtThruThe EyeOvRa Photography Fashion (5)ArtThruThe EyeOvRa Photography Fashion (5)


My appreciation for all things diverse and interesting can be attributed to my parents’ military career which was the source of long road trips and exposure to many different parts of the country. Philadelphia, San Diego, New Jersey and Oklahoma all became classrooms of life and with each move; I took with me pieces of each city.


ArtThruThe EyeOvRa Photography (4)ArtThruThe EyeOvRa Photography (4)


The loss of my mother in 2006 created a sadness and despair in my growth and ability to connect. During a five year sabbatical as a Sous Chef at Elena's Soul Lounge in West Philadelphia, I was able to mourn the loss of a loving life and persevere at maintaining one, as I awaited the beckoning of a camera to resuscitate me.  I was allowed to capture moments as I saw or felt them happening.  Elena’s Soul helped to restore me. Once again, Photography became my greater purpose.  By capturing life, I saved my own.


In 2009, I established “Art Thru The Eye Ov Ra Photography” located in Philadelphia. I am  constantly looking to break barriers and expand creative connection on a global scale.  I am an active member of the association for National Black Female Photographers and currently teach photography workshops in the Philadelphia area. My students range from beginners & enthusiasts to seasoned experts. My goal is to share my skills and knowledge with others while continuing to sharpen my skill set as a PORTRAIT, WEDDING, FASHION AND FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHER.


ArtThruThe EyeOvRa Photography PhiladelphiaArtThruThe EyeOvRa Photography Philadelphia


Step Into My Lens
Let Me Make Your Portrait


Links to most recent black female photographer mentions.  I hosted the photo day in Philadelphia.  It was Philly's first year participating, but the organizations fourth year.  


Click on this link for more info...


ArtThruThe EyeOvRa Photogaphy #artisticnudeArtThruThe EyeOvRa Photogaphy #artisticnude

The image of the nude male model pose was featured in the Photo annual. Click on this link to support the and buy a copy. LOL


ArtThruThe EyeOvRa Photography (2)ArtThruThe EyeOvRa Photography (2) ArtThruThe EyeOvRa Photography (2)_1ArtThruThe EyeOvRa Photography (2)_1 ArtThruThe EyeOvRa Photography (12)ArtThruThe EyeOvRa Photography (12) ArtThruThe EyeOvRa Photography (5)ArtThruThe EyeOvRa Photography (5) ArtThruThe EyeOvRa PhotographyArtThruThe EyeOvRa Photography ArtThruThe EyeOvRa Photography FashionArtThruThe EyeOvRa Photography Fashion ArtThruThe EyeOvRa Photography Fashion (2)ArtThruThe EyeOvRa Photography Fashion (2) ArtThruThe EyeOvRa Photography (3)ArtThruThe EyeOvRa Photography (3)

]]> (Eric Adeleye Photography) ArtThruTheEyeOvRa Guest Photographer Spotlight Ra Hall Sun, 01 Nov 2015 02:09:30 GMT